Company Valuation Tools

This site presents course materials, excel sheets and several articles that illustrate the practical application of modern valuation techniques. 

Under Valuation Tools, spread sheets and practitioner articles can be found that may help practitioners and students to apply models in a variety of strategic acquisition situations, ranging from leveraged buy outs, the strategic planning of buy-and-build and consolidation acquisitions, to competitive bidding strategies and company auctions.

Under Materials, students and lecturers can find lecture materials for a course in Real Options, Acquisition Strategy and Private Equity. These supporting materials include webcasts and handouts for courses using Han’s book Strategic Investment (with Trigeorgis) and Han’s recent book Playing at Acquisitions, (with Moraitis) both published by Princeton University Press.

Various masterclasses can be of interest to masterstudents, but also to practitioners, executives, consultants and financial analysts who want to specialize in private equity and investment banking.
Scientific, includes my bio and contact details plus a selection of articles.

Han Smit

Professor of Corporate Finance

Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Strategic investments
Winner of the 2004 Award for Best Professional/Scholarly Book in Business, Management, and Accounting, Association of American Publishers